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Welcome to TETRINET.US
Saturday, April 18 2015 @ 03:12 AM EDT
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BTServ v1.0.0 Released

TetriNETI figured I'd get around to finishing some old projects I started in the past, which brings us to BTServ. BTServ is a multi-channel Blocktrix server (Blocktrix protocol). I know there are still several places that hold Blocktrix tournaments internally, from time to time, so this should help make such tournaments easier, without fumbling for multiple server addresses. That all said, there is a GUI version for Windows, and a console version for linux. Head over to Blocktrix.org to read more about it.
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Blocktrix 1.00 Released

TetriNET At long last, Blocktrix 1.00 has been released. The expiry feature has been removed, and there have been some code cleanups and bug fixes since the last version. For more information, see the official Blocktrix site.
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TetriNET Competition


Ok.. now that I've got your attention ;)
Starting Wednesday, October 8th, at 12:00am eastern time, a new tetrinet competition will start. The first portion of the competition is a gaming ladder, which will last for 2 weeks, until Wednesday, October 22nd, at 12:00am eastern time. The top 8 in that part of the competition will move on to a head to head tournament on Sunday, October 26th at 2:00pm eastern. The winner of that tournament will receive $40 US, and the runner-up will receive $20 US (payable through paypal). The ladder games are to be played here on tetrinet.us in the channels #ladder1,#ladder2,...#ladder10. This will be a pure mode competition (ie. no specials).

For more information, and signup details, please see wsot.tetrinet.us.

Good luck, and tell your friends!
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TetriNET Protocol Documentation

General NewsWith little to no outlines (in english atleast) of the TetriNET protocol out there on the net any more, I've decided to put this one together for developers. It can be found in the menu section in the upper left of this page. It was primarily based on the one created long ago by DieterDH, with some code by Pihvi added, and some minor corrections and additions as well. Maybe this will help the tnet world become a little less stagnant in development.
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New Specialty Channel

TetriNETAdded a new specialty channel to the server: #FAST-all-around .. It is essentially the same as regular #all-around, except there is no piece delay, and the formulas for scoring are slightly altered. As well, the sudden death settings are slightly different than that of the regular all-around. Hopefully the differences work out well for no piece delay. Let me know if you think it's way off ;) Enjoy!
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A couple of server modifications

TetriNET A couple of new commands have been added to the server:

/ping : This will return your lag time between you and the server
/r <message> : This will allow you an easier method to reply to the last person that messaged you

Also of note, some of the text colours on the server have been modified to correctly resemble that of what was used on our old beloved .org server.

Happy tnetting!
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Blocktrix 0.73 Released

TetriNETBlocktrix 0.73 Beta has been released. This is primarily a bug-fix release, with a couple of changes and additions. You can find more information at the official blocktrix site.
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New channels!!

TetriNETOk boys and girls... There's a bunch of new channels added to the server for your enjoyment!

- These are two new pure channels that make use of some of Blocktrix's extended features, such as piece shadow, dual piece preview, and piece holding. (See Misc. Settings in your Blocktrix client). #fastbtpure has no piece delay.
Note: RotatePiecePreview is broken in Blocktrix in enhance tnet mode, but will be fixed in next btrix version.

- These are two new cookie channels (1 special added per every line) that make use of the same BTrix features listed above, but also the 3 new specials that are present in Blocktrix. You will need to make sure you are using a Blocktrix Theme to be able to see them properly..

- These channels start everyone off with a custom designed field for all players. Idea and custom fields are by the old downstack server team.

If you find any bugs, please be sure to let us know. Hope you enjoy!!

p.s. Happy Easter, Everybody!!
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#Fastcookies and Cross-Chan Messaging

TetriNETDue to some persistant requests, there are a couple of changes on the server..

Firstly, #fastcookies winlist now behaves like the #cookies winlist. Meaning that it has a separate section for teams as well as players.

Secondly, cross-channel messaging has been a hot debated feature request... So... here is the implementation that has been chosen:

To send a cross channel message, you would use the /xmsg command.
eg. /xmsg #idle 1 Hey person in slot 1 in #idle!

To get a person's slot# in a channel, the /who command has been altered to accept a channel argument.
eg. /who #idle

And finally, if you wish to not receive any private messages, you would use the /setmsg command.
eg. /setmsg off

And substitute 'off' with 'on' to turn it back on. (default).

Hope this makes those people who requested these features happy. Enjoy.
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Blocktrix 0.72

TetriNETBlocktrix 0.72 Beta has been released today. There was a bit of delay releasing it as the author was busy with other projects, believing he had more time before it had to be released ;)

Changes include:

- Fixed minor startup bug
- Fixed loading of "Hold Key" setting (Reported by Schiffner)
- Added italian language file (by Alberto Giuffrida)
- Updated Tcl/Tk engine to 8.5.0
- Updated Tix engine to 8.4.2
- Added 'shadow' option to extended tnet protocol
- Added /clear partyline command to clear the partyline text
- Updated Copyright year

You can find the download in the downloads section, or you can visit the official blocktrix website for more information.