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FlamingTetris.gif (19787 bytes) Tetris, is probably one of the most played games on earth. So what makes this game different from the others? Well you can now play with up to five other people on the internet. It is designed for Windows 9x, Windows NT, and Unix operating systems. The game requires a minimum of 256 colors. Other features include power-ups and amazing flexibility in customizing game settings. You can also change the appearance of the playing field and sound effects by downloading one of the themes available here.  You can email St0rmCat here, who is the developer of TetriNET.

How to start playing?  First, download and unzip the TetriNET file.  In the game you will notice some tabs at the bottom of the screen.  Press 'Misc Settings' to set your keyboard controls, or just leave it at default.  The 'Client Settings' tab will let you connect to a server where you can play games against other players, enter your name then type in the IP address of the PoC||GTFO server:

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